RiverRouge is a niche consultancy practice supporting businesses to streamline their operations.

The foundation of our strategies is based on principles widely known as the 'Lean Manufacturing Philosophy'.

As this philosophy simply targets to eliminate efficiency losses ('wastes') it is applicable to any operational environment or business sector.

What sets us ahead of our competition?


Apart from the very common SixSigma certification, our consultants are official 'Lean Manufacturing Experts' certified by public bodies and blue chip companies. An authentic certification in Lean practices is very rare but in times of booming freelance consultancy it is crucially important to seperate self-named experts from the professionals.


Low Risk Gratification

We are very familiar with the cost saving potential of 'Lean' and Six Sigma projects. Therefore, our involvements will be free of charge until tangible cost savings are secured. Our gratification will then be based on a portion of the first years achieved savings. We strongly believe that business deals have to be a win situation for all involved parties. So to guarantee a fair calculation of these savings, we will present calculation methods and will not start with our activities until a thorough understanding and agreement on the calculation models are reached. This way, our clients carry no financial risk during the relationship with us and RiverRouge will still get paid because we are in no doubt about our performance!


Unique approach

To improve operational systems sustainable and equipped with a healthy dynamic in carrying the improving further by themselves RiverRouge makes use of a complementary approach which is based on the following three pillars:


1) Leadership and Management:

Sustainability of transformation can only be achieved if the people accept, understand and live the change. To achieve this it is crucial to invest the time in a coaching approach in which we guide our clients through the four stages of a coaching cycle until the implemented principles can be operated and further developed by the client himself.

2) Strategy Alignment:

In addition to the work on peoples mindsets it is essential to align the operational strategy to fit and support the change. The comunication of the right vision and the implementation of a supporting KPI system is key to back up changes and to keep up the pressure to further improve the system.

3) Process Excellence:

If the fostering ground in therms of 'Leadership' and 'Strategy Alignment' is prepared, tackling the actual processes is like sailing with the wind. From here we will guide our clients through a very systematical procedure of identifying efficiency losses and radically redesigning the processes to achieve the targeted efficiency gains.


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